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The Flaire



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Indulge in the opulence of the Calixte Bracelet, a piece that exudes luxury in every facet. Each bracelet is a harmonious blend of traditional elegance and modern glamour, destined to adorn the wrists of those with an appreciation for fine craftsmanship. The Calixte Bracelet, available in both a classic silver hue and a rich gold tone, is more than just a bracelet—it's a statement.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Calixte features a series of cushion-cut stones, each encased in a halo of shimmering cubic zirconia, mimicking the radiant dance of sunlight on water. The high-quality stainless steel foundation, plated with 18K gold, ensures enduring shine and a robust composition, resistant to the everyday elements.

This bracelet isn't merely worn; it's experienced. Whether it's the centerpiece of an elegant evening look or a distinguished touch to a refined daytime ensemble, the Calixte transcends the boundaries of style and occasion. It's adjustable to provide a bespoke fit, making it a thoughtful gift or a personal treat.

The Calixte Bracelet is where the journey of timeless style begins. It's not just an addition to your collection; it's the beginning of a legacy. Own the moment with the Calixte Bracelet and let your presence be the definition of luxury.

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